What We Do


Research: To encourage, support, design, conduct, and direct novel neuroscientific research studies worldwide.

Education: To provide state-of-the art training, educational programming, lecture series, research presentations, and conferences that share groundbreaking research findings and novel, theoretical diagnostic/treatment paradigms in the neurosciences.

Technological Advancement: To develop new, innovative brain mapping, imaging, and diagnostic technology to advance the treatment of brain injury, disorders, diseases, and dysfunction.

International and Multi-Center Collaboration: To create highly functioning networks of collaborative research relationships that connect multidisciplinary teams of international experts across a variety of research and treatment venues.

The International Brain Research Foundation, Inc. (IBRF) is a 501(c)3 New York public charity that serves as a platform for support of, and collaboration with, leading neuroscientists and research institutions around the world. The objective is to create, operationalize, validate, and disseminate diagnostic and treatment protocols derived from innovative, novel research and translate those protocols into clinical practice for implementation with individuals afflicted with disorders, diseases, and injuries of the brain.

The IBRF has developed the Advanced Care Protocol (ACP)that utilizes targeted neuromodulation procedures to normalize the brain’s electrochemical environment to improve brain function. IBRF has already been successful in awakening 43 of 52 coma patients with its remarkable ACP.

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