The new neuroscience frontier: Promoting neuroplasticity and brain repair in Traumatic Brain Injury

November 2009

The Clinical Neuropsychologist 23(8):1391-9
DOI: 10.1080/13854040903058978
Philip A Defina
Jonathan Fellus
Mary Zemyan Polito
John Deluca
…and others.

ABSTRACT: Increased awareness of traumatic brain injury (TBI) in the military, a persistent call for evidence-based treatment, and recent government funding have revealed new research opportunities in neuroscience. This paper describes a relatively new frontier for research: that of the facilitation or enhancement of neuroplasticity and brain repair in TBI using novel treatment protocols. Such protocols, algorithmically introduced, may be tailored to the individual through the matching of neuromarkers with specific interventions. Examples of neuromarkers and interventions employed for the purpose of neuromodulation are reported. Problems with lack of controlled studies and inferring causation in correlational research are noted. Healthy skepticism and open-minded creativity are needed so that we can think in unorthodox ways, create partnerships, harness available knowledge and expertise, and ultimately develop effective treatments.

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