Neuroplasticity and Neuromarker Driven Neuromodulation: The Future Path to Normalizing Brain Function

January 2016

Philip A Defina
James P Halper
Jonathan Fellus
Charles J Prestigiacomo
…and others.

ABSTRACT: The purpose of this paper is to present a novel approach to promoting brain neuroplasticity through the application of neuromarker driven neuro- modulation. A tripartite model utilizing structural, electromagnetic, and neurochemical modalities to identify and localize neuromarkers and then to create personalized, tailored interventions are described. It is proposed that neuromarker-guided neuromodulation of brain pathways can promote neuroplasticity for healing, repair and improved neuroconnectivity. A clinical application of this model has already been utilized and reported in preliminary retrospective research in the treatment of severe disorders of consciousness. This model serves as a template for future use of neuromarker driven procedures and complex interventions for brain repair.

Click here for a link to the PDF.


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